Coaching Consultation

Frank DiMichele’s revolutionary pitching program teaches Kinetic Chain Sequencing, a powerful weapon that will allow you to pitch like a pro. Master the art of pitching fortified with real body science for explosive performance on the mound. Kinetic Chain Sequencing is also invaluable for developing throwing skills in all infield and outfield positions.

Frank’s wealth of experience, knowledge and continuing education make him one of the most highly respected pitching resources in the country. His unique ability to teach the science behind pitching is second to none. Frank conducts lessons and evaluations in-person and via the web.

Frank starts each new student with an initial 30-minute video session. Frank will film the pitching or throwing motion from several different angles. This tape will allow Frank to conduct an in-depth analysis. He will identify breaks in the Kinetic chain and evaluate each aspect of the student’s movement patterns. This combined with a radar gun velocity assessment will allow a base point to be determined for a comprehensive before and after analysis. The player will then return for a 60-minute session where Frank will explain his findings and present the student with a program to correct weak links, improve consistency and control and increase velocity.

Returning students can schedule 30 or 60 minutes sessions with Frank. They are also eligible to enroll in Frank’s special VelCon (Velocity & Control) group strength and conditioning programs throughout the year.