Parent Testimonials

“Hope all is well. Please allow this to serve as my endorsement of the VelCon Throwing Trainer. The before and after results for my son since utilizing the VelCon Throwing Trainer are amazing. He has established the building blocks of sound mechanics, his velocity is up 6 MPH and, in his words, "his arm feels better than ever", all this after literally thousands of reps in your program. He is well poised to have a great high school baseball experience and hopefully on to college! Looking forward to a continued partnership with you. Feel free to pass this on to all of your prospective participants, my son and I enthusiastically endorse the VelCon Throwing Trainer!” - Anthony M. 

“For the past 2 years Frank DiMichele has been working with me and this past year he added in the VelCon Throwing Trainer. After completing the VelCon Throwing Trainer program my delivery became much more fluid and consistent.  My velocity has jumped up about 12 mph and my accuracy have become 100 times better.” - Edwin S. 

“VelCon Throwing Trainer device has dramatically changed and improved the training habits that my son goes through on a daily basis. The device was a factor in my son’s improvement in his pitching motion which is the driver of his dramatic increase in velocity and control over the past six months. The training is part of his daily routine and does not put the stress on his arm. The device has been an excellent tool for my son!” - Anthony A. 

“My son Barry has been working with Frank for a couple of years now. Recently we have used his new VelCon Throwing Trainer device and I can say without a doubt I have seen a difference in my son’s performance as a pitcher. He has gained several more miles per hour, and he has way less pain/soreness and his recovery time is almost nonexistent.  I would highly recommend this product for a person who is looking to take themself to the next level of pitching.” - Barry K. 

“My son, Chris, has been using the VelCon Throwing Trainer for several months under Frank's instruction. We have seen a huge improvement in his accuracy and velocity. Before using the Arm Saver, he threw only using his arm but the Arm Saver helped him use his whole body. Using the VelCon Throwing Trainer and doing the drills daily, he has improved his velocity almost 10 mph. His control and accuracy have improved 100%!! My son is 14 years old and a Freshman in high school. When trying out for the team this spring, my son's direct quote to me after making the team was "I don't think I would have made the team without using the Arm Saver and doing the drills".

My son uses this device daily and does not experience any arm discomfort. He takes it with him to practice and can use it anywhere. I only wish we had known about it sooner! I highly recommend to anyone thinking of getting their child into pitching.” - Joe T. 

“I can't thank you enough for the time, energy and patience you have shown my son. The knowledge and instruction you give the kids in invaluable. The VelCon Throwing Trainer program he just completed is amazing. It's hard to believe something so easy to use would generate these results. Mike's pitches now have that nice downward tilt, his velocity has jumped 7 mph, his mechanics have greatly improved and he consistently throws strikes. The device has corrected his mechanical and accuracy issues with little to no use of his arm. He did 20,000 reps without ever throwing a ball. I think this program could have an enormous impact on pitchers of any age and skill level. It truly is the arm saver.” -  Mike C. 

“The VelCon Throwing Trainer has transformed my 16 year old son Dan from an Average throwing sophomore to a force to be reckoned with in his junior year not only did it help him with his mechanics and his control problems (cut his bases on balls in half), it also boosted his velocity from the low 70's to consistent readings of 81-83mph.” - Dan V. 

“The VelCon Throwing Trainer device has enhanced my accuracy and velocity by a lot. I can place the ball a lot easier now, and the reason why my ball has better accuracy and velocity is because of this incredible throwing device. It has made it a lot easier to pitch with confidence of knowing you are going to throw strikes.” - Nick G. 

"Frank develops pitchers!!!

My velocity, accuracy, and confidence advanced each year that he has worked with him! I am throwing 8 miles faster and hitting my spots thanks to Frank's coaching and the VelCon Throwing Trainer pitching tool!” - Grant W. 

“Frank, just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for helping my son, Santino, greatly improve his pitching performance. Santino has been coming to you faithfully for over a year now, and been working with your VelCon Throwing Trainer device for the last 8 months. Early in his young pitching career, Santino had developed arm trouble several times, causing him to miss entire seasons on the mound. After a few months of physical therapy, and since training with you, he has had no arm discomfort or pain whatsoever, while pitching and throwing more than he ever has in his life. Recently in consecutive weeks, he threw 40, 50 and 60 pitch bullpen sessions, in addition to 6 day a week workouts and practices, with no arm problems. This is certainly a testament to you and your program, where you have always held the safety and health of the players above anything else. I can say without hesitation that the pitching techniques you have taught Santino have kept his arm healthy, strong and without pain.

Before your most recent 20-week program, Santino sometimes had a tendency to be wild high and outside to right-handed hitters. However, and I believe largely as a result of, the daily regimen with the VelCon Throwing Trainer device, his accuracy has greatly improved, and that problem has gone away. His pitches now, if not strikes, are all around the strike zone and he has much greater control, while his confidence continues to grow with each outing. All of this comes with the added benefit of an increase in 10 mph to his fastball!

I am very grateful and thankful for Santino's improvement since he has been training with you and the VelCon Throwing Trainer device. The true test of how far he's come occurred last week. Santino is currently playing JV as a freshman at his high school. The JV pitchers threw live to varsity hitters in a scrimmage, and each threw an inning. Santino threw a total of 10 pitches to 3 varsity hitters, ending the inning on a ground ball double play. While this was a single isolated incident, I believe it is a clear indication of the results that can be achieved with hard dedicated work and proper instruction.

Frank, thanks again, and I sincerely hope that you continue your passion to help our young pitchers improve with healthy arms at the high school and college levels, and beyond.” - John P. 

“Frank, I made varsity. They said I improved significantly over the past year I have been at Roman. They also said I will mainly pitch this year. I would like to thank you. Your VelCon Throwing Trainer program has helped me with my velocity and mechanics. I will continue to use the device throughout the year to continue progressing. Thank you very much.” - Joseph M. 

“The VelCon Throwing Trainer has given my son the ability to work mechanics any place anytime on any surface. His velocity is increasing due to the ability to work out more often without the stress on his arm. A night of throwing 75 pitches in a game forces kids to shut it down for at least 4 days. With the VelCon Throwing Trainer he will be able to work out every day even immediately after laboring on the bump.” - Kamal G. 

“My son is an 11-year-old who just completed Frank's VelCon Throwing Trainer program. Before the program, my son threw with decent velocity but struggled greatly with his control. He also had a delivery that appeared to be all arm and looked to be an arm injury waiting to happen.   Quickly after starting the program, my son's mechanics were greatly improved. Frank's program emphasizes moving fast down the mound while staying closed until the ideal point of the delivery. The device allowed my son to perform thousands of reps of a delivery without having to use his arm. My son threw his first bullpen after about 1 month of using the device only and the change was dramatic. His delivery looked much more in unison with his body and he no longer appeared to be an "all arm" pitcher and his control was tremendously improved with increased velocity. Through the remainder of the program he continued to improve and by the end he was a completely different and better pitcher. He now throws with his body not his arm handling much of the delivery. His control is dramatically improved and he gained 4-5 mph in his velocity. I highly recommend Franks’ program. It will improve a pitcher's technique, velocity, control and arm health.” - Steve R. 

“I am grateful beyond words that Frank DiMichele developed the VelCon Throwing Trainer device.  My son, Kevin age 16, experienced pain in his left pitching elbow which resulted in Tommy John surgery that was performed by Dr. Cicotti (Rothman Institute & Philadelphia Phillies Team Doctor) on April, 2011.  Six weeks after surgery, Kevin started a daily routine using the VelCon Throwing Trainer device to work on correcting his mechanics while recovering.  Without the VelCon Throwing Trainer device, Kevin would not have been able to keep his body in pitching shape and make the necessary changes in his mechanics that caused him to get injured. Kevin’s dedication to using the device daily and following the program created by Frank DiMichele has made it possible to be medically approved to be back on the mound after only 10 months post Tommy John.  Amazingly, Kevin’s accuracy and command are spot on and his velocity continues to increase.  The VelCon Throwing Trainer device made it possible for Kevin to successfully return to the mound earlier than expected without ever having to physically use his pitching arm.  More profound, Kevin has not experienced any pain or discomfort in his pitching elbow since the start of his rehabilitation process due to the VelCon Throwing Trainer device.” - Debby B. 

"My son has caught for about 10 years and began pitching this year, I was worried about him hurting his arm with the pitching. Frank recommended the VelCon Throwing Trainer and the improvement I see in his strength was noticeable within a few weeks. He began using it thinking it would help him with saving his arm while taking pitching lessons, but it helped him strengthen his arm for catching! So, the VelCon Throwing Trainer worked for him two-fold, I would definitely recommend it to any player who wants to strengthen their arm safely." - Kim M-G 

“Frank is a great teacher and communicator. Working with the VelCon Throwing Trainer, both my sons increased their velocity over 10 mph, gained tremendous command and eliminated shoulder and elbow pain.  My one son told me, “Somehow dad, the way Frank explains it, it just makes sense.  I know what I’m supposed to do, and the VelCon Throwing Trainer gets me there" - Paul M. 

“I just wanted to honestly say how very please I am to have found such an excellent product to help out my 11-year-old son. He really would like to be able to pitch well now as well as in High School which is only a few years off. Since he started using the device and after showing me before and after pictures of his wind up and deliver, I was amazed to see the results and how much more inline he is than before. He used to throw hard for his age but from looking at the photo’s you could definitely see he was using mostly all arm before. After using the device, you can noticeably see that he is using the core of his body and putting less stress on his arm. In addition, he has picked up about 10-12 more miles an hour on his fast ball, increased his accuracy and never complains about any soreness. He did this using the VelCon Throwing Trainer over the winter without ever throwing one live pitch. As a parent that has 3 boys and coaches’ youth Little League, I always worry about the kids arms when they get to the level where they start pitching say at 9 years old. With a device like this a parent can feel completely confident that used properly that their son or daughter will drastically minimize the risk of injury to their child’s arm. Having hurt my arm at a young age because of improper mechanics, I wish this device had been around for me. My older son who plays Lacrosse uses it as well and it has helped him with his velocity and accuracy on his shots. I asked my 11-year-old to tell me in his words what the device has done for him and he said “This device has helped me with my velocity, accuracy, delivery and my form. It helps me not to have to think about my mechanics and allows me to focus on my throwing lanes and different pitches” We definitely would recommend this device to anyone interested in helping their child have proper throwing mechanics while increasing their velocity.” - Sean M. 

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you Frank, and to let you know how thankful I am that we found you and you VelCon Throwing Trainer pitching program. The results that we have seen after going through your 20-week program have been truly amazing. When we first came to you, we were looking for Ryan to enhance his control, as he has always thrown hard but his control has at times been very inconsistent, and to figure out why he was having some arm pain issues. Between your video analysis and participating in your VelCon Throwing Trainer program the transformation in Ryan’s pitching has been unbelievable, his ability to hit his spots is better than ever, he has significantly increased his velocity, and most importantly he has had zero arm pain since he started using your device. It is unbelievable so see what can happen when a young pitcher learns to throw and use his body correctly. I look forward to Ryan continuing to work with you as he prepares to pitch at Rutgers next year.

I would highly recommend Frank DiMichele and his VelCon Throwing Trainer device and program to everyone who has a pitcher who has a dream of playing baseball at the next level!” - William F. 

“Using VelCon Throwing Trainer is a great way to improve as a pitcher. This device helped me with my accuracy, velocity, and it kept my arm healthy by teaching me the right mechanics. I started using this machine in the summer of 2012 right before I went to a tournament in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Before you introduced this to me, I would throw the ball everywhere game after game. After just a week of using the VelCon Throwing Trainer, I pitched in one game, and was much better than I was. I did not throw amazing, but I had improved so much by just using this machine. Now, having used it for seven and a half months, I cannot believe how much I have improved. When you first started this program, you clocked me at 61 miles per hour. Towards the end of the program, I was throwing in the low 70s. This device helped me throw faster, which is another reason why this device is great. Finally, the third thing that it helped me with was maintaining a healthy arm. This machine helped me do this by teaching me the right mechanics to pitch. In the summer going into my sixth-grade year and my seventh-grade year I was not able to pitch because I had arm trouble. Since using the device, my arm has felt great the days after I throw. All in all, the VelCon Throwing Trainer helped me, and I hope to get better as I continue to use it.” - Santino P. 

“As a catcher of 10 years who began pitching this year, I have found the VelCon Throwing Trainer to be a great tool in improving not only my arm strength but also my velocity, endurance, & accuracy. The VelCon Throwing Trainer is a vital part of my daily workout and the improvement I see in myself in a short period of time is amazing. It is a must need tool for ball players everywhere!” - Dante M. 

The before and after results for my son since utilizing the VelCon Throwing Trainer are amazing. He has established the building blocks of sound mechanics, his velocity is up 6 MPH and, in his words, "his arm feels better than ever", all this after literally thousands of reps in your program. He is well poised to have a great high school baseball experience and hopefully on to college! I am looking forward to a continued partnership with you.” Peter K. 

“My son is a 13 yrs. old travel ball player that has been playing travel ball since he was 8yo. He has an above player with an above average arm, but has trouble with his control, so with that being said he would not pitch as much as he should have. After the fall season of 2012, I took my son to Frank DiMichele and asked for an honest opinion on his pitching ability, explaining to him his problems on the hill, Frank told me that he did have talent but needed work, after Frank filmed my son and evaluated him, I was told that he was throwing all arm and his mechanics were not good and that most likely by his late teens that he will definitely have arm trouble, this was troubling to me and something needed to be done and soon.. After approximately three weeks of general lessons and some mechanical work, Frank told me that he invented "The VelCon Throwing Trainer ", explaining to me that the use of this device will help in a multitude of areas, without even throwing a baseball, the concept seemed correct, so I figured let’s give it a shot. We continued to see Frank once a week, with my son doing the routine that Frank set up for him daily at home, again with just this device and no baseball. Well in about a month my sons mechanics were starting to get to where he actually needed to be, starting to throw off a mound in early February it was like night and day the muscle memory was starting to take place. He was staying back, striding much farther, and really whipping his back shoulder toward the target, his control has extremely improved. Not to mention his velocity has gone up 9 MPH in just this short amount of time. This device can be used throughout my sons playing career and it naturally makes him throw with his lower half and takes so much stress off of his arm, I think that all pitchers should have one of these in their possession. If they are serious about the game and especially if they want to further themselves in High School, College, and even the Pros. This device DOES NOT put any stress on the arm what so ever, my son has gotten 100-150 reps a day for over 4 months by himself without another person catching for him. This cannot be done if you are actually throwing a ball, your arm just could not take it. So, I hope my son continues to improve, and "The VelCon Throwing Trainer " will be part of his daily workout routine until his playing days come to an end. With Franks instruction and his invention of "The VelCon Throwing Trainer " these are a must have for all levels of baseball players.” - Joe L. 

“Since I have been using the VelCon Throwing Trainer, I’ve been able to practice my pitching every day. Since it replaces my arm, I don’t even need to throw a ball to work on my pitching delivery, which really helps my arm from not getting sore. The Arm Saver has helped incredibly with both my accuracy and velocity. Also, the device has helped me to correct flaws in my delivery that I could never do before on my own. I can say without a doubt the VelCon Throwing Trainer has been responsible for extreme boost in performance. I will continue to use the device along with the specific program Frank DiMichele has created so I can reach my full potential. Awesome! - Robert F. 

My son has been using the VelCon trainer for some time.   It has become an invaluable part of my sons pitching routine.   While hitters can work on their swings every day, pitchers can’t throw every day.  The VelCon trainer solves that problem. It allows pitchers to work on a variety of mechanical issues at full speed with instant feedback EVERYDAY.  As a result, you will see the changes and improvement in mechanics happen much quicker than you would without the VELCON.  The net effect is you will throw harder quicker!  A must have for any serious pitching prospect. - Joseph M. 

The VelCon Throwing Trainer was a key tool to teach/refine my son's throwing mechanics to maximize his velocity without putting stress and strain on his arm.  As D1 commit, I feel the VelCon Throwing Trainer has provided him with a core foundation/platform that he can continue to build off of.  In a day and age were the focus is placed on weighted balls and max effort hype, this tool simply taught him how to better utilize his body through mechanics and rotational force. - Bill P.

I would like to personally thank you for introducing me to the VelCon Throwing Trainer! The VTT has helped me immensely with using my core and keeping my body in sequence when pitching. It has also allowed me to train when there is inclement weather! Recently I suffered a slight injury to my elbow area and the VTT lets me train without having to use my arm/elbow. The other great benefit is the instant feedback! You know immediately if you did the exercise correctly. It's like have a private coach at home! I highly recommend this device for any age!
Thank you so much, - Dan D. 

My son has been pitching since his first years in Little League. To help him develop we have been to a lot of instructors and heard a lot of suggestions. When we came across the VelCon Trainer we weren't so sure how this device would work. But that soon changed as we learned how the VelCon really helps you develop the correct mechanics that are so important to consistently pitching with control and power. The beauty of the VelCon is that you can use this device without even throwing a pitch. Read this as "no overuse of the throwing arm, and reduced stress on the joints". Use it the day after an outing. Use it in the house. Just use it. 
Player is now 14U with consistent control, and able to pitch complete games with no complaints of soreness or pain. I highly encourage you incorporate this into your development and practice routine. Chuck M. 

The VelCon Trainer has improved my 11-year-old sons pitching mechanics. It is something he can do on his own after school. Frank is the best and we look forward to our session each week. - Todd L.