The Kinetic Chain

The Kinetic Chain

The Kinetic Chain: What is it?

  • Other devices and training techniques focus on the arm – a narrow vision that leads to failure and injury.
  • Training your body with Kinetic Chain sequencing is the secret to VELOCITY, CONSISTENCY and ARM HEALTH.
  • The Pro Motion® ArmSaver teaches the player’s body to build energy from their base by replacing the throwing arm.
  • The Kinetic Chain movement is like a power source moving up your body from the ground up.
  • By utilizing the large muscles of the leg and trunk and hips to generate power, the arm is protected.
  • The Kinetic Chain forces the power to move along the shoulder to the upper arm, foreman, hand and finally transfer to the baseball.

What happens when the Kinetic Chain breaks down?

  • Many players leave out links of the Kinetic chain, causing the body to overcompensate for failing links.
  • If the chain breaks down, the pitch or throw becomes inefficient through loss of velocity, movement, location, or all three.
  • A broken Kinetic Chain leads to muscle fatigue, and pain and eventually, injury.

Translating the Kinetic Chain

Another one of my pitching analogies is the upside down tornado. The concept I am trying to convey is the way the lower half should be used compared to the way the upper half should react. As you can see the upside tornado looks like a funnel. The bottom or the base is wide and covers a lot of ground compared to the top which is narrow and tight.

The base of the upside down tornado represents the lower half of the body and the stride covering a lot of distance. The top part is the upper half of the body, absorbing the transfer of energy from the ground up funneling it to the throwing arm. As the energy works from the ground up the tornado gets narrow and narrower and faster and faster. This is how the throwing motion should be taught.