Pitch Tracker

Pitch Tracker


PitchTracker™ brings cutting-edge technology to a first-of-its-kind, smart baseball. PitchTracker™ Smart Baseball mimics the exact weight, look and feel of a regulation-spec, leather-grain baseball, giving it a familiarity and durability that players and coaches will understand and appreciate. As a player throws the ball, the real-time data is transmitted to the free iOS app on your iPhone/iPad. The data consists of release velocity, spin rate, extension, time to plate, delivery time, and more.

As you continue training with the VelCon Throwing device, you will incorporate the PitchTracker™ into the program. As you improve, you will get more consistent in your delivery, become more accurate and throw with greater velocity due to better delivery efficiency and best of all, you have the data to prove it. This data also allows the player to fine-tune specific areas like of their game such as sliders,curve balls, change-ups and more. Once the student see's improvements, it automatically encourages them for more

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