Session #1 – Correct Throwing. Why it’s needed early on

Hi Mom, Dad and Coaches out there.


Did you know that over 80% of kids throw incorrectly? This includes baseball, softball, football and even cricket players. No worries, I threw wrong when I was young also

Here is why. When boys and girls begin to throw, their 1st instinct is to throw the ball with the arm only. Kids are durable and usually no harm is done but this starts very, very bad habits which lead to problems later.

To correctly throw a ball, you need to properly grip the ball 1st and use the whole body starting from the feet or ground-up. (Check out session #2 on proper gripping a baseball)

I like to use the “helicopter approach”. If you think of a helicopter, the MOTOR (feet/legs) turns the ROTOR (hips/chest) which turns the PROPS (shoulder/arm/hand). Kids want to begin throwing with the props turning the rotor and then the motor. Doesn’t work very well, does it?

Another one of my pitching analogies is the upside-down tornado.  The concept I am trying to convey is the way the lower half of the body should be used compared to the way the upper half should react.

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When the body is used correctly and in sequence, the arm and hand follow the throwing shoulder to the target delivering the ball. This takes stress off the joints, adds velocity and is much healthier for the player’s body.

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As you can see the upside tornado looks like a funnel.  The bottom or the base is wide and covers a lot of ground compared to the top which is narrow and tight.

The wide base of the upside-down tornado represents the lower body which includes the throwing stride or step towards the target.  The top part of the funnel is the upper half of the body. This part absorbs the transfer of energy from the ground up funneling it to the throwing arm.  As the energy works from the ground up the tornado gets narrow and narrower and faster and faster.  This is how the throwing motion should be taught.





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