My Introduction

My introduction to Parents/Coaches – Please read this. It’s important to understand for your child and player

My name is Frank DiMichele. I have 30+ years of experience as a professional athlete, college coach, and professional pitching coach. I personally have seen a huge increase in arm injuries with many of them coming to me for advice. Parents, coaches, leagues, travel teams and others want the fastest throwing pitchers. Most young players have NO idea how to properly throw. Some are successful and throw fast but mostly done by being athletic or compensating with other muscles or tendons, which places stress on their joints and more. This is very upsetting because most is avoidable simply by teaching players how to properly THROW (notice I did not say pitch).

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There are lots of gadgets, gimmicks and other baseball stuff out there. Most do not teach proper throwing techniques (notice I did not say pitching again). Many teach players to use the upper body first to throw the ball. While young players are flexible and can tolerate this type of stress, eventually it catches up to most kids like the young man below. Like you, I have children and my 1st concern is their health and safety.

If you encounter a coach that does not understand that throwing starts from the ground up, for your child’s safety, please walk away. Just because she/he is a pitching coach and played on XYZ team. it does not mean she/he understands throwing technique and can teach.

As mentioned, I have been doing this for years and I decided to address this issue in several ways.

  • Teach proper throwing mechanics – This starts by using the lower half of the body first. When the body is used correctly and in sequence, the arm and hand follow the throwing shoulder to the target to deliver the ball. This takes stress off the joints, adds velocity and is much healthier for the player’s body. 

  • Prevent over throwing – I invented the VelCon Throwing Trainer. This device teaches the player to use the body properly and in sequence. When used correctly, the device provides instant feedback. This equates to better control, more velocity, reduced stress on the arm and all without throwing a ball.

  • Parents will pay $100, $200 and even $300 on a glove or bat. I hate to bust your bubble but these items will NOT improve your players playing ability. Teaching a player to throw properly is much healthier and will last a lifetime.

  • Teach moms, dads and coaches proper throwing techniques by keeping the sessions simple and short.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. It shows you care about your child’s health.

Please take a look at the sessions coming soon to this page along with topic video’s embedded in each session. We will continue to add more. If you have any questions, please let me know.


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