About The Pitching Pro

Meet Frank

At the age of 20, Frank was selected by the California Angels in the 15th round of the MLB players draft in June 1985. In 1986 he was awarded the most outstanding pitcher in the Midwest League for the last place Quad Cities Angels (7 complete games, 4 shutouts). By 1987 was placed on the 40 man roster for the California Angels and made his MLB debut in 1988.

After only 2 1/2 seasons of minor league baseball, Frank

made the jump from single A... Read more

Baseball Pitching/Throwing Specialist

Welcome to ThePitchingPro.com where you’ll find specialized training, guidance, and advice from a professional baseball instructor. Based just outside of Philadelphia, I use the a combination of knowledge, experience, research and technology to help you improve your baseball pitching - throwing. With the use of the VelCon throwing trainer, a device that allows pitchers - position players of any age to incorporate correct throwing technique ... Read more

Knowledgeable Instruction

I want to give you some quick insight into why I’m so passionate about teaching proper technique to pitchers of all levels. During my time as a baseball pitcher, I did not know anything about pitching mechanics. I did not know how to self correct. Eventually this got me sent down to the minors and out of baseball for that matter. The throwing motion is a choreography of movements, that involves sequential order, timing and spacing. Do Not Re... Read more

My Method

My revolutionary pitching program teaches and trains Kinetic Chain Sequencing, a powerful weapon that will allow you to pitch like a pro. Master the art of pitching fortified with real body science for explosive performance on the mound. Kinetic Chain Sequencing is also valuable for developing throwing skills in all infield and outfield positions. All my new students start with a 30 - minute videotaping session followed by a 1 hour follow up... Read more