See how the AIM program will not only increase velocity and control but instantly provide feedback on player data and health

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YEARS...pitching for Major and Minor League Baseball

15TH...round of MLB 1985 Draft to California Angels

YEARS...coached Division I baseball

30 YEARS...of experience as a professional athlete, coach, and professional pitching coach

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Pitching Pro

Using this simple device with included 6-week program can help your son or daughter learn to throw correctly and prevent injury

MLB Advocates

“When it comes to developing pitchers, Frank DiMichele is at the top of his game. His knowledge, experience, and attention to detail are all displayed throughout his website and material. Frank is a quality pitching instructor and I highly recommend him to pitchers of all ages.”

Joe Maddon

As pitching coach of the Houston Astros I am often asked to endorse people and teaching devices. I do so with the knowledge that my recommendation also carries my reputation. As such I have no trepidation doing so for Frank DiMichele.  As a teacher who values “connection” in the delivery, Frank knows what that looks like and has developed a teaching device that helps a pitcher feel it. Frank’s philosophy on what constitutes a sound delivery makes this testimonial easy.

Brent Storm

The VelCon Throwing Trainer is the best pitchers training aid out on the market today. I have been around professional baseball both as a pitcher and a coach and have seen many training aids. This training device is the best! It develops rhythm, tempo and momentum all from the ground – up, a major problem even with professional players today. Great job! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to reach their potential.”

Doug Brocail

“Frank DiMichele is a great pitching resource, his knowledge, attention to detail and the ability to articulate his ideas is what sets Frank apart in a field full of different opinions. Frank’s passion is evident as you read through his material on his website. Frank DiMichele is a true professional when it comes to pitching.”

Mike Butcher

“In my 17 years of professional baseball I got to work with some of the greatest coaches in the world…Frank’s pitching techniques are spot on…especially in this day and age with a lot of arm troubles occurring. His philosophy will not only give you the tools to compete at a high level physically and mentally but the most important thing, stay healthy.”

Paul Lo Duca

“I want to thank coach Frank for all his training especially with the VelCon Throwing Trainer. The device was an integral part of me being drafted in the 7th round by the Seattle Mariners. You were right, the more I used it.. the better I would get…thanks Coach Frank!”

Max Roberts