Pitching/Throwing Analysis

Pitching/Throwing Analysis


Using a video camera or smartphone record the pitcher from the following viewpoints:

  • Catcher
  • Pitcher
  • 1st Base
  • 3rd Base

These single video clips can be from practice or gameplay.

2. **Video Review** Analyze the key aspects of the pitching/throwing technique.

3. **Identify Strengths and Weaknesses** Highlight areas that need to be improved upon such as inconsistencies or flaws in their throwing motion that may be affecting performance.

4. **Compare to Ideal Mechanics** Illustrate and compare video analysis to professional pitcher and, instructional material demonstrating proper pitching/throwing mechanics.

5. **Provide Feedback** Communicate feedback to the pitcher based on the observations made during the video review. Offer specific training solutions to address areas of inefficiency.

6. **Customize a Pitching/Throwing Program** VelCon Throwing Trainer plus specific drills and exercises focusing on the areas identified in the analysis. 

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