What’s the cost of a private lesson?

$50 – 1/2 hr $100 – 1 hr

How are private lessons structured?

Initial evaluation $250 consisting of 2 sessions_

  • 1st session (30 minutes), warm-up, videotaping, and discussion
  • 2nd session (60 minutes), video analysis of pitching motion, warm-up and workout

Do you do any team training?

Yes – I have worked extensively with a lot of teams in the Philadelphia area over the years. I am available to do clinics and team training.

Will you travel to a location for a private session(s)?

Yes–There are additional costs depending on distance to travel, please contact me for details.

Do you do virtual or Skype lessons?

Yes. Frank DiMichele is available to evaluate pitchers and assist teams nationwide. Today’s technology allows Frank to evaluate a pitcher’s motion through a video upload and he can help to correct pitching inefficiencies as well as instruct pitchers and coaches in the use of the VelCon throwing trainer.

Do you have a strength and conditioning program?

Yes. I run a program called Velcon (Velocity and Control) that is only available to students in the Philadelphia area. We are building the program so that it can be used anywhere – stay tuned for more details. We are excited to share this with you!

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