Rehabilitation & Injury

Rehabilitation & Injury


I recommend using the complete Pitching Pro program including the Velcon Throwing Trainer device to anyone looking to achieve peak pitching performance while reducing the risk of injuring their arm.

As part of his post-UCL reconstruction surgery recuperation and under my monthly review my patient made remarkable progress using the conditioning, training and coaching program of former major league pitcher Frank DiMichele.

I was able to release him to resume pitching within 11 months which was ahead of schedule.


In my professional opinion, the unique design of the VelCon Throwing Trainer stands alone as a strengthening, rehab as well as a developmental device. Most products on the market involve a pulley, straps or bands requiring arm movements that may not be appropriate for an athlete post-surgically or for certain ages, essentially overworking their arms.

Coach DiMichele’s device allows an athlete to focus on the most important part of their body, the core and kinetic chain without the risk of overuse injuries to the medial elbow, rotator cuff and upper back. The soft tissue injuries I generally see in my office are cumulative traumas or repetitive use injuries from too many repetitions and poor mechanics.

Working the core and kinetic chain with the VelCon Trainer eliminates or decreases undue strain on the upper extremities by correcting the lower kinetic chain flaws. This allows the body to “re-educate” itself with the goal of decreasing recurrences by building the right foundation from the core outward. I recommend it to all other specialists, pitchers and throwing athletes.

Unlike others devices, The VelCon Trainer allows the arm to be taken out of the equation.


  • 25% of pitchers in MLB have had "Tommy John" Surgery
  • 500% increase in shoulder and elbow surgeries since 2000
  • 50% of MLB pitchers end up on disabled list every year
  • 24% year on year growth of youth/high school pitchers that have had UCL surgery
  • A pitcher recovering from injury or surgery can to continue to work on his pitching motion during recovery. allows the body to teach itself a pitching motion based on the kinetic chain that will prevent re-injury.

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