VelCon throwing trainer

VelCon throwing trainer

Did you know the arm and hand are just an EXTENSION of the shoulder? To correctly throw a ball, you need to have the WHOLE-BODY work in sequence starting from the feet or ground-up (hence the term, step into the throw). This is called Kinetic Chain Sequencing (KCS).

The VelCon Throwing Trainer is the first and only training device that promotes KCS. By replacing the throwing arm, this training device teaches the BODY to link in this sequential order. Once the body is in sequence, the arm (cord) and hand (yellow ball) will follow the throwing shoulder to the target delivering the ball.

Based on where the yellow sponge ball goes, it will provide instant feedback on proper or in-correct sequencing such as short strides, poor rotation and more. The included beginner guide will get you started. Once done correctly, the player should start using the included 6-week program for better technique, higher velocity, accuracy, consistency and all with less throwing.

Invented by ex MLB, college coach and pitching instructor Frank DiMichele. Check out my web site for more great baseball information, student data, throwing 101 for parents and more.

  • Made of lightweight Black PVC (lightweight but travel tough) Comfortable, flexible under-arm positioner that helps keep the device properly aligned to your body while in motion.
  • The adjustable ball assembly with tight grip tensioner allows you customize it for pitching, infield. outfield and catching drills.
  • It comes in 3 different sizes (small, medium and large) for different heights.
  • Yellow sponge ball provides immediate feedback if done correctly or incorrectly
  • Left handed or right handed- no problem.
  • We include getting started and 6-week programs that features throwing for beginners, video’s and drills to maximize the effectiveness of the VelCon Trainer.

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